"Panthomania" is now being renamed as "BARE POSY"

As Christmas is just around the corner, I've got some news to share - 'Panthomania' is being renamed to 'BARE POSY'. The idea behind 'BARE POSY' is to convey sincere feelings through natural and uncluttered flower arrangements.

In the beginning, the purpose of creating this Instagram account was just to document my journey and works in floristry. The name 'Panthomania' was inspired by my surname 'Pan' and the term 'Anthomania - an obsession with flowers'.

I'm really grateful for the inspiration I've gained from plants and flowers. They've not only fueled my passion but also changed my life and perspective for the better, creating a lot of positive vibes around me. I hope to share this experience with others.

However, along the way, I felt that 'Panthomania' as a brand name for a florist studio had its limitations. It seemed to just project my personal love for plants and flowers, without truly conveying their beauty to others. So, I started thinking about rebranding and repositioning.

I hope to continue with the spirits of 'BARE POSY', creating and sharing floral works filled with beautiful sentiments, and spreading this energy to all of you who support us.

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